The Performance Effects of Dirty Coils


The Performance effects of dirty coils

We aren’t the first or last Manufacturer to explain the issues around the performance effects of dirty coils on Air Cooled Chillers, in fact, we have written about this before, however, it seems this practice is still going on with Contractors still cutting corners by not cleaning coils.

The performance of a Chiller can drop by 30% and the Energy Consumption can increase as the Compressors and Condenser fans have to work that much harder to keep up with the load demand. To put that into hard financial facts a Chiller that costs £10,000/month to operate will now cost £13,000.

If you know exactly what your chiller(s) are going to cost you each month then factor those costs in. I’m sure you will agree it makes sense to see what work is actually been performed. Busy Facilities and Building Services managers don’t often have the time to check what work has been performed (and that they are paying for)

This article on LinkedIn shows the practice is still going on and how it affects the Customers and Contractors in more than one way.

Aermec UK prefers to show our Customers what work our service teams have undertaken, as well as raising any issues with the use of technology through a new APP we are trialling, which means we can show customers via Video/Voice Description, Photo annotation and written description.

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