Testing will continue at Aermec’s factory


The Coronavirus is having an impact on a number of countries and businesses. Aermec UK is constantly reviewing the situation. Currently there is no advice from the Foreign Office not to travel to Italy where our products are manufactured, if this situation changes, we will advise accordingly.

Our factory is extremely busy with Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) until August of this year. Aermec UK will continue with FAT testing and if the tests cannot be witnessed in person, Aermec will set up a video conferencing facility, enabling the original attendees to sign in and view the tests taking place. We will monitor the test centre screen within the test cell and then view documents afterwards live on screen.

There are currently no reported cases in the local area where the factory is situated and there are no cases within Aermec. This is being constantly monitored. The Italian authorities are taking the risk very seriously and have checks in place.

We appreciate even without the Foreign Office advising not to travel, that some people may be restricted from doing so by their respective employers or may personally decide that they do not wish to travel.

Aermec respects everyone’s own decision and we will ask for an indication of all forthcoming FAT test attendees views, based on the current Foreign Office information.

For further information visit the government’s website: www.gov.uk/guidance/travel-advice-novel-coronavirus

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