“Aermec experience, and innovative solutions, coupled with the competence and flexibility to respond to our Clients service support requirements, are the values on which Giordano Riello based the company philosophy on since 1961, when he founded Aermec. Respecting these values, which are the ethical values of the Brand, is the key to the international success of Aermec. When designing and manufacturing and servicing its products and system solutions, Aermec places its focus on every day detail in order to respect the environment, reduce pollution, save energy, safeguard health and improve well-being whilst offering industry leading support service.

Aermec recognizes the specific value of its people, and places high priority in protecting and elevating their wellbeing. Aermec’s working environment favours teamwork and the desire for personal and professional growth.

Aermec Service is the dedicated services division of Aermec Air Conditioning and supplies air conditioning and refrigeration services to all industry sectors.

Aermec operations maintains service excellence with strong communication channels, industry leading engineers, continuous improvement of contracts and a highly experienced management team. The Aermec service delivery model maintains a reputation for high customer satisfaction throughout the UK with a loyal team of Aermec employees and service Partners.

Aermec provide added value by working closely with you. Our Technical Staff will assess you by providing enhanced solutions to suit any changing requirements at a reduced cost wherever possible.

As a service partner Aermec Service will provide a progressive, high value, maintenance service which compliments your portfolio.


Capabilities to maintain all manufacturers equipment

Full UK and Northern Ireland coverage

Robust company with a proven track record over the last 50 years internationally

Skilled team of air conditioning and refrigeration engineers

Quality approach – a ‘first time fix’ attitude

Flexible working methods

Continuous improvement and contract enhancement

Clear communication and reporting

Dependable team

Complete Health & Safety compliance

Statutory compliance with industry requirements


All types of Chiller Servicing repair and Maintenance

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance

Heating Service and Maintenance

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

BMS Controls Service and Maintenance

Refrigeration Service and Maintenance

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Energy Audits

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