Remote testing goes live

With global travel restrictions in place, Aermec is using video links enabling customers to witness test products at its factory near Verona remotely.

TClarke is the first customer to benefit from FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) service and with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) placing restrictions world-wide, the video-link is proving an ideal solution for customers with critical projects designated ‘essential’ that are currently going through the factory.

The video link forms part of the steps Aermec is taking to reduce the carbon footprints of the business and has been rolled out sooner as part of its Coronavirus strategy.

The FAT testing is being carried out with the appropriate approvals by the Italian government, strict controls are in place protecting the health and safety of employees at Aermec’s manufacturing facilities.

With further tests scheduled, Aermec is offering remote testing as an option to all of its customers. The video links directly in the test cells enable full participation and greater flexibility; it is convenient, reduces the costs of business travel and expenses, there are no geographical restrictions, many people can participate from different locations whilst the service offers a more environmentally friendly approach to testing.

Coronavirus is having a huge global impact and is changing the way all businesses operate. Aermec was founded on strong environmental policies, remote testing delivers added value for customers whilst addressing the company’s drive towards greater sustainability.

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