To truly resolve a customer need one must understand the application. No two air conditioning projects are ever alike, and the principal difference lies within the specific application requirements within which they operate.

Throughout its 55 year history Aermec’s expert design Engineers have accumulated a highly specific applications know-how, creating true system solutions to perfectly solve individual customer needs within a varying range of differing contexts. The numerous specific applications in which Aermec offers knowledgeable support cover residential complexes, commercial activities, data centres, public spaces and industrial contexts. Aermec supplies the optimized solution to the challenge in hand for applications as diverse as houses, skyscrapers, manufacturing processes, hotels, sports complexes and famous public buildings, to name just a few. Find your specific application and discover how Aermec can offer you the ideal solution to your air conditioning needs.


Suitable for all makes of chillers with scroll compressors and can deliver up to 50% energy savings

• Converts any 3-phase fixed speed compressor to a variable speed compressor •
• Controls and monitors the compressor with temperature sensors •
• Protects your compressor from short cycling •
• Does not interfere with existing controls •


Whatever capacity size, format or refrigerant you require, Aermec comprehensive, high
performance, high efficiency chiller range has a cost-effective solution for your project.  Available in the following configurations – Air cooled – Air cooled with free cooling and water cooled with scroll, screw, and variable speed screw and turbocore compressors.

Heat Pumps

Aermec’s high efficiency heat pumps offer industry-leading performance, and contribute to the sustainability and green credentials of buildings. Available in the following configurations – air-to-water – 4 pipe simultaneous heating and cooling – water-source – water-to-water – 4 and 6 pipe simultaneous heating and cooling.

Heat Recovery

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is an entire ventilation system that both supplies and extracts air throughout a property or building.  It offers a balanced low energy ventilation solution for new dwellings and commercial properties and re-uses up to 95% of the heat that would have otherwise have been lost.

Air Handling Units

Aermec’s extensive range of high-efficiency Air Handling Units (AHUs) cover the full spectrum of a building’s air conditioning and ventilation requirements.

Fan Coil Units

Aermec’s Fan Coil Units are designed to offer outstanding performance paired with minimal energy consumption. Our range includes compact ducted units, floor-mounted and ceiling-mounted cassette systems. Combined heating and cooling functionality makes interior climate control quick and easy.
Every Aermec Fan Coil Unit is constructed using only high-quality components, in our fully automated factory.

Data Centre Cooling

Aermec provides a flexible, high efficiency range of cooling solutions which optimises the performance of the equipment, as well as managing the environmental impact of the data centre.