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NRB with Shell and Tube Exchanger

ANL 290-650


cooling only

Air/Water chillers for outdoor installation

Screw compressors, shell and tube heat exchangers and axial fans

Cooling capacity 443 – 1578kW

Outdoor chillers for the production of chilled water with high-efficiency screw compressors, with cooling capacity adjustment via continuous modulation. Axial fans, microchannel external coils, plant side shell and tube heat exchanger. In the units (with desuperheater or total recovery) there is also the possibility of producing hot water for free. The base, the structure and the panels are made of steel treated with rustproof polyester paint.
Work up to 50°C of outdoor air temperature at full load, depending on size and version. For further details refer to the selection software/
technical documentation.
• Unit with 2/3 refrigerant circuits designed to provide maximum efficiency at full load, ensuring high efficiency at partial loads also and ensuring continuity in case one of the circuits stops.
• The full range uses aluminium microchannel coils, ensuring very high levels of efficiency. This allows using less refrigerant compared to traditional copper coils.
• The possibility of using the electronic thermostatic valve brings significant benefits, in particular when the refrigerant is working at partial loads to the benefit of energy efficiency of the unit. It is supplied as standard from size 5202÷6402 and 8403÷9603, optional for all other sizes.
• Standard differential pressure switch
• Possibility of integrated hydronic kit that encloses the main hydraulic components; it is available in different configurations with one or two pumps, with different static pressures available
• Microprocessor adjustment, with keyboard and LCD display, for easy consultation and intervention on the unit via a menu available in several languages. Adjustment includes complete management of the alarms and their log.  The presence of a programmable timer allows setting time bands of operation and a possible second set-point.  The temperature control takes place with the integral proportional logic, based on the water output temperature.
Floating HP: is supplied as standard on all models.  This modulates the fan speed according to the unit load and offers an improved ESEER (beyond the declared values) when applied with variable speed fans (ie. units with DCPX option or inverter fans). ESEER improvements of up to 5% are obtained with inverter equipped models.
Night Mode: it is possible to set a silenced operation profile. Perfect for night operation, since it guarantees greater acoustic comfort in the evenings, and a high efficiency in the time of greater load.
“ Night Mode is standard on all low noise versions. For all other versions either the DCPX accessory or “J” inverter fan must be specified to allow Night Mode to operate.”