New Compact Modular Centrifugal Chiller


Aermec has launched a new Compact Modular Centrifugal Chiller offering energy efficiency even at partial loads.


Aermec launches Compact Modular Centrifugal chiller

Leading air conditioning manufacturer Aermec (UK) Limited, has launched a new water-cooled chiller that offers energy efficiency even at partial loads.

“Aermec is continually pushing the added value envelope and this latest chiller is no exception. The WMG shows how innovative design harnessed with environmental considerations can provide customers with greener solutions that are also cost effective,” says Paul Lawrence Managing Director for Aermec (UK).

The WMG is a compact modular centrifugal chiller that is designed for indoor installation. It has high efficiency two-stage magnetic levitation centrifugal compressors, which allow the refrigerant circuit to be oil free. It also has a very low starting current and uses 50% less refrigerant thanks to its patented spray technology within the heat exchanger. In addition, the WMG delivers savings on installation and maintenance.

Existing buildings can present a number of challenges when it comes to replacing chillers. The WMG’s modular design and component layout simplifies installations. The units are five times lighter than screw compressors and they can be transported through doorways and into lifts.

The flexibility of the units enables several modules to be positioned side-by-side, ideal in plant rooms with limited space. The modules also provide flexibility when a standby unit is required or when cooling duty needs to be increased at a later date. There is no need for critical spares as a standby module can be used as a spare chiller instead.

Each module is capable of 280kW – 324kW depending on the size of compressor used and is available as a standard unit or as a silenced version with a soundproof cowling.

WMX_WMG With Acoustic Enclosure

When it comes to controls, a front mounted colour touch screen provides an easy user interface with an intuitive graphical menu.

The built-in inspection door enables easy access for cleaning and maintenance of the heat exchangers.

Ideal for retrofit and new building projects in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, the WMG’s compact modular design eliminates the need for costly road closures or cranes and eliminates the need for any special building work prior to installation, which reduces the environmental impact and installation costs.

Environmental features

Aermec’s philosophy is to minimise its environmental impact which includes using lower GWP refrigerants. The WMG chiller operates with HFO refrigerant R1234ze which has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 6. The bearings are magnetic levitation type, vibration free and very quiet and the oil free compressors further reduce the environmental effects.

Energy efficiencies

The WMG offers high efficiency even at partial loads and has an EER rating of 5.4 and an ESEER rating of 8.4 – one of the highest in the market. The use of inverter technology in the compressor provides greater energy efficiencies, running costs, more accurate temperature control and improves the EER. The WMG’s performance is Eurovent certified.

Unit features include:

– Compact compressor
– Compact condenser
– Compact evaporator
– Five times lighter than an equivalent screw compressor
– Easily transportable through doors and in lifts
– Electronic expansion valve
– Microprocessor control system
– LCD user interface
– Colour touch screen with intuitive graphical menu

The WMG is also available in a silenced version for noise sensitive environments. Aermec also offers the WMX model which operates with R134a, this unit can also be silenced. Numerous options are available for both models offering customers a number of configurations to suit their requirements.

This article has been featured in the July issue of ACR Journal, which you can read here. It has also been shortlisted for an award in the RAC Cooling awards.

RAC Cooling Awards 2018

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