How to Trust A Less Well Known HVAC Brand


How to Trust a Less well known HVAC BrandThere’s a reason why the Big Brand Air Conditioning Manufacturers seem to get on every specification and are purchased by the M&E Contractors – Trust. Make sure you  check Landmark Air for DUCTED GAS HEATING in case your air conditioner needs services.

It’s not difficult to see why when you get into the mindset of a buyer or specifier. Those brands have been around for years, installed or repaired by a service like Valley Service or Mullins Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating, proven to work, have easy access to spare parts and can be supported by the Manufacturer’s service operations when things go wrong and can be.

They are multi-million-pound Businesses with an extensive portfolio of products that are trusted by thousands and cause little or no problems for those who at new build or refurbishment projects.

They have local European factories that can produce goods to suit a ready-made UK Customer base, and they have an extensive distribution network.

They have teams of people eager to do the work of the consultant saving them time in getting their products specified who subsequently track each project through to order.

Sound Familiar?

Furthermore, they have extensive marketing budgets and their brands are regularly seen in the trade magazines and at trade exhibitions.

But are they always the best bet? Are there better solutions available? Yes of course. If you want to consult an expert for installation of a residential or commercial HVAC system, you can contact One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning or J&M Cooling and Heating services today.

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How to trust a Less Well Known HVAC Brand.

Sure, many manufacturers – us included have substantially more standard features are less expensive are smaller and have great warranties, but in the buyer’s mind (you can almost see their doubts) they will ask themselves, will they do the job, are they reliable, what if things go wrong – in other words can you trust them?

These are typical scenarios that play through the minds of HVACR buyers (click here for HVAC services such as a home AC tune up), and overcoming their fears is not done easily. It’s no different to the Car Industry in many ways. Look at Kia, Hyundai and Dacia who were all in a similar position. They have now carved out a quality Brand that can be trusted

So How to trust a less well-known HVAC Brand.

Who is prepared to make that leap of faith? Who is prepared to stick their trust in a Brand that doesn’t have years of UK sales under its belt?

Not surprising we are in the bracket of the lesser unknown Global brands. A true Global brand we truly are with installations of our HVAC equipment and Split System Air Conditioners at hundreds of prestigious buildings.

Clearly where Aermec has a strong presence is where we have extensive Sales and Distribution channels – where we have been operating for many years. In markets where that trust has been earned and demonstrated over and over again.

Earning that Trust in the UK

Obviously, for our products to be considered in the UK as a real and viable alternative to the more established brands, there must be a few checks and balances. Here are just some of the considerations that go through the buyer’s mind.

  • What products do they have to meet the needs of the project?
  • Does it have the capacity/duty for the project?
  • What are the physical sizes to fit in the space available?
  • Do their prices fit in with the budget?
  • What warranty is available?
  • Do they meet Eurovent standards?
  • What technical support from UK service technicians can I expect?
  • How quickly can I get Spare parts?
  • What interface options are there with 3rd party BMS systems?
  • What compressors and refrigerants are available?
  • Can the standard equipment be modified to meet a special need?
  • Can the equipment be assembled on site and fit in a standard goods lift?
  • Do you have sites where the equipment has been used for more than 5 years?

Fortunately, Aermec UK can meet and exceed those requirements.

So where does that leave Aermec UK one of the (currently) lesser known but equally as good if not better Air Conditioning Brands?

It’s a scenario that has had and to some extent is still is affecting ourselves here at Aermec UK.

We are extensively well established, respected and trusted brand throughout Europe, but at this point relatively unknown in the UK. However, things are changing and many of the established UK based M&E Consultants and Contractors are now fully satisfied in Aermec’s abilities, and many well-known Buildings (i.e. Former M&S HQ at 55 Baker St) have had our chillers installed over 10-years.

Aermec – Europe’s First Air Conditioning brand Est in 1961, now a £130M European HVACR Eurovent Certified Engineering Brand.

We could tell you about the numerous Landmark Buildings throughout Europe – The Dorchester Hotel London, The Bolshoi in Moscow, World Trade Centre Brussels to name a few, that have put their trust in us our products our values and our ability to create something that is built just for you. Find out for yourself Check out these as a small sample

We could show you our Multi-Million-pound state of the art manufacturing and testing facilities that are the envy of luxury car Manufacturers.

It’s hard work convincing those who have a choice. After all, why wouldn’t you just take the easy, safe tried and trusted route? Why put yourself, your reputation and possibly with other issues based around equipment that you think isn’t up to the job?

Fortunately, that problem doesn’t exist we are a true Engineering firm with an enviable reputation. Would you like a conversation with some of your peers to see what they did to overcome their concerns?


Let’s have a conversation. One where we can show you those projects we have our equipment installed both in the UK and abroad, and maybe you could give Aermec a chance at one of your projects. – Yes you can trust Aermec.

Trusted Brand

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