Heat pumps offer sustainable solution for Denver Water


When Denver Water in Colorado, USA embarked on the redevelopment of its operations complex, it took the opportunity to develop a site that better served its community. Improved efficiencies, functionality as well as more secure operations were key criteria, but Denver Water also wanted to ensure that sustainability was a key factor too.

The water utility’s operations had been located on the site since 1881.The buildings in the complex were outdated, inefficient, and inadequate to support future demands of providing water service the community. The overall goal was to build a state-of-the art modern site that improved the efficiency and functionality of all operations.

As the business wanted to be carbon friendly, they specified the installation of an Aermec NRL2250 heat pump which provide 1,116 MBH to heat the inlet city water, which is then piped to four Aermec NRK0700 heat pumps.

Aermec’s NRK units are optimised to operate at great efficiencies at low temperatures (down to -4°F) and use a gas injection compressor enabling the heat pump to produce hotter water than a standard heat pump (up to 149°F). The units boost the hot water from the NRL, which produces great efficiency and higher temperature water.

Denver Water’s complex has been designed to incorporate LEED certification and presents educational demonstrations of net zero energy and leading-edge concepts. This facility will feature educational components about water and its efficient use. A large part of this can be attributed to Aermec’s heat pumps.

To read more about Denver Water, check out the case study at Aermec US.

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