Heat pumps boost hospital’s green building rating


When Canada’s Old Peel Memorial Hospital in Brampton, Ontario was redeveloped the hospital specified Aermec’s NXP simultaneous water to water units as part of an initiative to attain Canada’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Status. LEED is a four-tiered green building rating programme introduced in 1994 to encourage and reward sustainable designs

Three of Aermec’s NXP simultaneous units providing 400 tons of heating and cooling were installed in order to take advantage of the varying conditions in the hospital.

Heating and cooling are in constant demand in hospital environments and this is where the NXP shines. The units use a geo loop when required but most of the time they are moving heating and cooling loads around the hospital.

The NXP units are self-contained and they monitor supply water, return water, as well as the geo source and also bring pumps on and off as required in order to keep the building comfortable.

The NXP also provides the maximum efficiency without moving any refrigerant through the building as the NXP units recover heating or cooling via water.

As the NXP uses three separate heat exchangers it provides significant benefits compared to other equipment as glycol is not needed on the building side of the heating or cooling loops and no remote valves or special controls are required to control the loads.

The full case study can be accessed here for more energy efficient solutions and to view some of our projects in North America please visit Aermec US

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