Free Cooling in Commercial Buildings

Free Cooling in Commercial Buildings

In the latest article by EIBI Magazine, we have had a new article published where have been able to demonstrate the benefits of Free Cooling in Commercial Buildings. This article initially discusses how we have been working with Data Centres to improve their Energy efficiencies and have already saved a major Financial Institution over £50,000/Month in one of their Data Centres in Slough.

However, with the introduction of MEES, there are now wider implications for Landlords of empty Commercial Buildings to improve the Energy Efficiencies of their empty and older Building stock.

Want to see how you can improve the efficiency in your buildings? Free Cooling coupled with the latest innovations in Close Control of Chilled water Space Cooling of Commercial buildings is one of many ways that Aermec can help you overcome some of the challenges you may be facing.

Many older buildings have challenges when it comes to getting large Cooling equipment into tight or small locations. With our innovative modular Chillers which can fit into a standard elevator, these can be quickly and easily be assembled on site, often removing the need for expensive cranes.

Why not see how we can help with Free Cooling in Commercial Buildings. Get in touch using the form below.

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