Financing Equipment Replacements & Upgrades

Aermec Finance

Financing Equipment Replacements & Upgrades. We at Aermec UK recognise that replacing old and less efficient equipment can be a Challenge, which is why we can offer a 5-year ‘trouble free’ finance package for HVAC equipment.

This packaged system is ideal in offering energy efficient project finance, which packages ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ costs together . Aermec Finance Solutions provide a great choice of flexibility to our Corporate Commercial customers.

The Benefits of Aermec Finance

Aermec Finance helps Commercial businesses in managing their cash flow, while benefiting from the installation of World Class Chillers, Air Conditioning, and other HVAC equipment and services to reduce carbon emissions, running costs and legislative requirements.

Aermec Finance can also be used for Energy Efficiency equipment upgrades to existing equipment including EC fan Retrofits, Solar Cooling, Adiabatic Retrofits and Compressor upgrades/replacements.

  • Working capital is maintained.
  • Energy savings can be used to offset repayment interest from new equipment.
  • Packages can include equipment installation, commissioning and servicing fees.
  • No need for large up-front deposits: Finance deals are secured on the HVAC equipment being financed.
  • Releases tied-up cash and preserves other forms of credit for other business or operational needs thereby maintaining cash flow.
  • Fixed payments: Eliminates uncertainty and costly surprises
  • Quick decisions: We always aim to provide a prompt turnaround for funding applications.

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