FCU reduces viral load of SARS-CoV-2


Testing carried out at Italy’s Padua and Camerino universities have confirmed that Aermec’s sanitising fan coils are effective against airborne bacteria and virus as well as helping to reduce the viral load and risks of infection from the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Padua University’s Department of Microbiology tested Covid present on surfaces and the University of Camerino’s Department of Chemistry and School of Pharmacy carried out tests on volatile organic components (VOC) and airborne bacteria and virus.

The universities’ tests showed that the technological core of Aermec’s FCZ-H fan coil units (FCUs) core is capable of destroying pathogens without compromising the heating or cooling capabilities of the FCU.

Aermec first started supplying fan coils with integrated UV technology six years ago. They were proven to be effective against a number of pathogens and bacteria including influenza virus, staphylococci as well as allergens produced by pollen, mildew spores and dust mites.

The most effective way of destroying micro-organisms and pathogens is biologically using an UV emitter. The FCU comprises a filter that holds back allergens such as dust and spores as well as dust and ash but UV light emitted from an integrated UV emitter interacts with a titanium dioxide catalyser (TiO2) which generates a photocatalytic process. This releases oxidising agents (H2O2 and OH) which degrades the polluting agents, breaking them down and releasing them to the atmosphere as harmless substances like CO2 and H2O.

Ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UV-LEDs) have started replacing UV lamps and Aermec’s new sanitising FCUs will be incorporating LED UV-A technology.

Units were successfully tested against coronavirus at Padua University using Aermec’s FZCI200HP FCU from June through to December last year at 20⁰C with uncontrolled relative humidity. The research study used SARS-CoV-2 virus material under strictly controlled conditions and in accordance with medical standards.

The findings are a game changer for indoor air quality, putting Aermec at the forefront when it comes to providing sanitised air in buildings using photocatalytic technology.

Units have already been sold in the UK for commercial offices as well a number of hospital projects. The sanitising FCU offers an ideal solution for any buildings requiring hygienic air flows.

Cooling capacities range from 0.8kW – 8.6kW and heating capacities from 2kW – 17.1kW. It combines quiet operation, low electricity consumption and reliability with the sanitising benefits of an integrated photocatalytic system.

Aermec’s FCZ-H FCU offers maximum comfort and safety, with minimum operating noise – it is the quietest Eurovent certified fan coil on the market with noise levels down to 23dB(A).

Environmental issues have been addressed by reducing the power consumption down to four watts and avoiding the use of refrigerants in indoor ambients.  Installation and maintenance activities have also been simplified to reduce operating costs and maximise efficiency. The air filter is easily removeable for cleaning.

Aermec is planning to roll out UV lamps across its heat recovery ranges. This is a key priority for the company and is part of an initiative to help customers reduce the risks of infection being spread and improve IAQ in closed environments.

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