HVAC maintenance can help reduce spread of viruses


The pandemic has brought into focus the importance of HVAC systems to provide comfort but also to protect health. HVACTrainingHQ.com offers training to those who want to be in the HVAC industry.

With widespread evidence that pathogens such as Coronavirus are airborne and can remain suspended in the air for some time, now is the time to re-evaluate your HVAC systems, carry out air conditioning repair or furnace installation and repair if necessary with the help of a professional heating and ac service company and ensure that indoor environments are well ventilated. You can see more for the best air conditioning repair services. You may contact Airsheen Services if you’re looking for air conditioning services in Austin, TX.

The government has advised schools, colleges and universities to take reasonable steps to help mitigate the spread of Coronavirus and recommends enhancing cleaning with the help of Houston pressure washing and ventilation arrangements. Increasing the supply of fresh air and preventing stagnant air in occupied spaces is also highly recommended by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Many facilities and health estate managers are proactive and switching systems to full fresh air and purging buildings overnight by running at lower speeds. Now more than ever it important to have a planned preventative maintenance strategy in place that includes checking humidifiers, cleaning duct work as well as dampers and coil cleaning.

This is vital to avoid an interruption of the supply of healthy air and the control of heat and moisture in the atmosphere to reduce the risks of viruses spreading through school or office premises or homes during periods of higher occupancy levels. Maintenance must be conducted at times when there is less risk to humans and vulnerable groups -this can include following periods of low demand or when buildings are closed to the public during the day; however all equipment should be cleaned thoroughly at least every two years as a matter of routine and also prior to an increase in footfalls or occupation of the buildings. Longer term maintenance needs to be undertaken by an experienced team to ensure that there are no other cross infection issues present which can lead to clusters of respiratory illnesses.

According to professionals like those who offer ac service in Fort Lauderdale, FL, a comprehensive maintenance program protects your assets by flagging any potential issues early on and preventing any system failures but also ensures longevity and a good return on your investment, look at more info here.

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