Commercial Solutions


Premises for the display and sale of products and services are characterized by fittings, ambients and accessibility which can vary enormously, depending on the category of goods in question. This multitude of differing scenarios represents a major impact on the internal conditions (most notably for fresh food applications) and the internal loads as regards crowding and lighting; the latter is more often tailored to creating the desired ambience rather than reduced power consumption considerations. Space reserved for air conditioning equipment must necessarily be limited to reserve maximum space for commercial purposes. Furthermore, the equipment needs to be inaccessible to the public whilst simultaneously being user-adjustable, all of which drives customers towards solutions that can be concealed, easily integrated in the fittings, or even centralised as “all-air” systems. The Aermec portfolio can meet all of these needs, with versatile compact terminals and systems for heating and cooling, often characterised by “plug and play” installation, as in the case of roof top and direct expansion systems.

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