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Schools & universities

Educational structures come in typologies, and are subject to differing limitations, comprising historic or modern buildings with an intended use which varies between primary schools, higher education and universities. The former are generally occupied for nine months a year and only a few hours per day: as such air conditioning in summer is often not prioritised, with air renewal largely taking place through the simple opening of windows. Universities, on the other hand, are occupied continuously; accordingly greater attention is paid to summer air conditioning and fresh air in such buildings, especially in environments with high occupancy, such as classrooms and auditoriums. Air handling units are the preferred solution, exception taken for historical buildings or those with specific architectural constraints, where ducting is often incompatible with the building architecture; here a mixed primary air and fan coil solution is applied, with ducted air renewal and terminals for heating and cooling. With decades of experience within this specific sector and a host of proven solutions available, Aermec is an expert and reliable partner, both for hydronic systems and air treatment solutions.

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