UV fan coil can help make workplaces safer


With its manufacturing base in Italy, Aermec is only too aware of the effects of Covid-19 across the country. But its latest range of fan coils address hygiene concerns by sanitising indoor air using ultraviolet (UV) light, helping to make workplaces as safe as possible.

The FCZ-H is a dual-purpose fan coil unit, providing comfort and sanitisation in one unit. Suitable  for retrofits depending on the spatial limitations the FCZ-H is suitable for any building requiring hygienic airflows.

Effective ventilation can play a critical role in controlling airborne viruses in ventilated spaces. Only last month, the UK’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam explained the importance of ventilation in buildings:

“There is a definite truism across all of the science literature, that ventilation is a most critical part of reducing transmissions for respiratory viruses.”

“Covid-19 has focused awareness on the importance of indoor air quality. Italy was hit particularly hard by the virus. The FCZ-H offers a solution that provides comfort whilst the sanitising action of the photocatalytic system helps to limit the spread of infections,” explains Clifford Saunders, Aermec’s Senior Applications Engineer.

Based on Aermec’s flagship FCZ range of fan coils, the FCZ-H cooling capacities range from 0.8kW – 8.6kW and heating capacities from 2kW – 17.1kW. It combines quiet operation, low electricity consumption and reliability with the sanitising benefits of an integrated photocatalytic system.

The unit incorporates an Ultra Violet C (UVC) germicidal lamp with a Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) surface. When radiated by the lamp, any pollutants in the air flow are broken down into harmless substances by the free radicals created by the UVC and the TiO2 surface. The UVC lamp is shielded, so the device is harmless and has no effect on any people in the room.

The FCZ-H fan coil unit offers maximum comfort and safety, with minimum operating noise – it is the quietest Eurovent certified fan coil on the market with noise levels down to 23dB(A).

Environmental issues have been addressed by reducing the power consumption down to four watts and avoiding the use of refrigerants in indoor ambients.  Installation and maintenance activities have also been simplified to reduce operating costs and maximise efficiency. The air filter is easily removeable for cleaning.

Manufactured using a polyester powder-coated galvanised steel housing, the absence of unpainted surfaces on the FCZ- H reduces corrosion risks. The fan coils can be floor or wall mounted units as well as ducted or recessed depending on requirements, addressing a variety of installation requirements. As with Aermec’s other fan coil units, depending on spatial limitations the FCZ-H can also be used for retrofits.

Over 90 FCZ-H units have been sold for a major office development in London, and they are being used in a number of hospital projects.

The sanitising benefits make it an ideal solution for any indoor places including nursing homes, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, hotels, schools, beauty salons, office buildings and any other building where comfort and hygiene is a concern.

Aermec is planning to roll out UV lamps across its heat recovery ranges. This is a key priority for the company in a bid to help customers improve the quality of their indoor air and minimise the risks of infection.

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