Aermec wins top award for data centre project


Aermec Collects Another Prestigious Award

Aermec UK has been recognised by its industry peers and secured ACR Project of the Year at the National ACR & Heat Pump Awards.

The award recognised Aermec’s work for one of the UK’s leading financial powerhouse where it replaced the chillers at one of its mission critical sites, saving them £50,000 per month in energy costs.

Six highly efficient 1.366MW Aermec NSM free cooling chillers with screw compressors were specified to provide a robust mechanical cooling solution. The free cooling route offered a greener and more eco-responsible solution that would help boost the data centre’s green credentials.

Fast re-start was also a key criterion as the criticality of the site required the units to be brought back on-line rapidly.

“Chillers can take as long as 15 or 20 minutes to re-start. Aermec’s chillers have been designed to achieve re-start in two-and-a-half minutes and can achieve a 5⁰C temperature differential in less than five minutes,” comments Paul Lawrence, Managing Director, Aermec UK.

Some additional modifications were required by the customer to meet their exacting requirements. These included electronic expansion valves replacing mechanical expansion valves and the microchannel coils replaced with copper/aluminium coils. The specifications of Aermec’s chillers include twin-headed pumps but these were changed to single run and stand-by pumps for resilience and independent refrigeration circuits were also added to the design specifications for each chiller.

Aermec’s solution, met the customer’s stringent criteria for resilience, energy efficiencies, lowering the site’s PUE and reducing emissions.

If you are looking to reduce cooling costs and take advantage of the advances in technology to run a more energy efficient site, contact the data centre cooling experts now on 0203 008 5940 or complete the online enquiry form.

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