Aermec wins again!


Aermec is very proud to have won Project of the Year at this year’s ACR News Awards.

This is the first year the awards were held digitally, with the HVAC community brought together on-line to celebrate and hi-light the many innovations and developments that have taken place across our industry.

We are very proud to be recognised by our peers for the cooling solutions we helped provide for one of the City’s top tech companies, enabling them to reduce energy bills at their mission critical data centre by £200K per annum.

Reliable cooling is a critical and an essential part of any data centre’s infrastructure by taking advantage of super-efficient compressor technologies, our client has not only reduced their carbon footprint and boosted EER ratings but has cut their annual energy bill significantly so that over the next 10 years they can expect to save up to £2 million.

Collaborative working practices underpin our business. Winning this award is the result of team work and those working practices, not just within Aermec but with our customers and suppliers. As a business we continually strive to push the boundaries and use the latest technologies to deliver solutions that best meet our customers’ requirements.

Despite the constraints of the pandemic, which has put unexpected pressures on all businesses, this is an exciting time for the industry. Aermec is well placed to continue delivering innovative and dynamic solutions.

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