Aermec chiller reaches finals in ACR News awards

WWM chiller short-listed for ACR News awards

Aermec is delighted to be a finalist in this year’s ACR News awards. Our WWM modular chiller made it to the short-list in the Chiller Product of the Year category. It is a tribute to all the engineers in research and development who helped develop a great product!

The WMM water-to-water chiller sets new standards in chiller technology. It’s a world first in stackable water-to-water modular chillers, supporting up to 32 connectable modules either side-by-side or stacked on two levels.

Each module is an independent indoor chiller that produces cooled water using high efficiency scroll compressors and plate type heat exchangers. The electrical panel and control logic for each unit ensures they work together, guaranteeing continuity if a module malfunctions or needs to be removed for service and maintenance.

Cooling capacities can be increased as required, easily and affordably by adding additional modules.Suitable for indoor installations for medium to large air conditioning applications in residential and commercial buildings, the WWM offers dual circuit units, reversible water side with hermetic scroll compressors and source side plate exchanger.

When it comes to maintenance, the WWM offers total accessibility. Refrigerant components can easily be reached as they are located in a draw that slides out from the front for easy service and maintenance.

With space at a premium in most buildings, especially in data centres the WWM’s small footprint, 1321mm (H) x 1331mm (L) x 1151mm (W) and a weight of only 676 Kilograms makes it 70% smaller than comparable products on the market.

Thanks to its modular construction the WWM can fit through standard sized doors and it is light enough to go into lifts, simplifying the access and installation processes. The WWM is a favourite with contractors and building operators who appreciate the flexibility and cost savings.

The WWM has Eurovent and AHRI certification and exceeds ASHRAE’s 90.1 requirements.

Take a look at our entire product range or fill in the online form for more details and see how Aermec can provide you with a solution.

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