Aermec announces its first hybrid chiller

Hybrid Chiller

Aermec UK Limited is promoting outstanding efficiencies with the launch of the UK’s first high-efficiency hybrid chiller that can help reduce the energy costs of HVAC systems in residential and commercial buildings or the refrigeration requirements in industrial facilities.

“Hybrid chillers deliver many benefits and offer an ideal solution, particularly for larger facilities with high energy costs,” says Paul Lawrence, Managing Director of Aermec UK Limited.

In a first for Aermec, the ‘NSMI’ hybrid chiller offers low electrical consumption, high efficiency at partial loads, up to 40% reduction in refrigerant charge and are equipped with free cooling coils to minimise energy usage in the winter months, or when the outdoor air temperature is below the temperature of the return liquid from the system.

Designed for outdoor installation, the base, structure and panels of the NSMI are made of steel treated with rustproof polyester paint and features screw compressors, axial fans, micro-channel coils, and shell and tube heat exchangers.

“Aermec’s hybrid delivers high energy efficiencies, low emissions, the use of less refrigerant, free cooling and lower operating costs, which can all contribute to significant cost savings whilst boosting green credentials,” explains Lawrence.

“Owners and managers, who already invest in state-of-the-art technologies and lowest life-cycle cost facilities and benefit from the savings are more likely to migrate to hybrid plants.

Free Cooling

Free cooling coils are fitted as standard and operates either when the refrigerant load request persists, even during the winter months, or when the outdoor air temperature is below the temperature of the return liquid from the system. In free cooling operation (mixed free cooling and compressors, or free cooling only), the fluid is cooled directly by the outdoor air, enabling the complete shutdown of compressors and contributing to significant energy savings.

The range provides flexibility with 13 standard models offering cooling capacities from 285kW – 1201kW. Both High Efficiency or High Efficiency Silenced versions are available with the latter featuring a special compressor jacket delivering a further noise reduction of approximately 4dB for noise sensitive applications.


  • High energy efficiencies at full and partial load
  • Aluminium microchannel coils, ensuring higher levels of efficiency and uses less refrigerant compared to traditional copper coils
  • Electronic Thermostatic valve
  • Standard differential pressure switch
  • Microprocessor adjustment
  • Touch screen allowing real time graphics visualisation showing water and external air temperatures, pressures and requested load
  • Ethernet communication as standard enabling all information to be visualised on a PC connected to the controller (via IP and browser)
  • Programmable timer allows setting time bands of operation and a possible second set-point

The availability of a wide range of options enables any of the models to be configured to meet the most demanding of applications, providing customers with a ‘customised’ solution as standard.

“When choosing a chiller, it is important to take into account the application, type of building, hours of operation and not just focus on costs, as the financial performance is dependent on many factors,” explains Lawrence.

“Aermec can simplify the process and help select the optimum chiller plant combination to meet specific project requirements which will benefit the customer and the environment.”

Why not review your Chiller evaluation and choose Aermec Hybrid for your next project.

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