Aermec announces 3-pipe hydronic system


Aermec’s new fan coil unit uses three water pipes and is aimed at helping customers achieve near zero energy buildings.

The 3WP system launched at Mostra Convegno’s on-line MCE event provides the advantages of refrigerant-based VRF systems with four-pipe hydronic FCUs.

Traditional two and four-pipe hydronic HVAC systems are widely used, but Aermec’s three-pipe system uses less pipework, requires less investment and reduces the costs of installation.

The 3WP offers a cost-effective HVAC solution as one of the key benefits is that it offers greater flexibility in system capacity and distances, it is also easier to design and repair which reduces overall costs.

The 3WP system ranges from 40kW to 400kW in a single unit and up to 950kW in a cascade. The system’s internal heat exchangers operate on an extra elevated high ∆T and a significantly reduced mass flow.

Compared to previous technologies the performance and efficiency has significantly increased without compromising the thermal capacity.

Aermec continually strives to maximise efficiencies and reduce energy consumption and reliance on resources – the 3WP’s lower water flow results in further savings as well as pumping energy delivering further benefits.

Aermec’s 3WP has already been installed in an hotel in Milan where it has successfully delivered significant savings:

  • 29% savings (€106.183) in installation costs (25%-30 % cheaper)
  • € 4010 annual reduction in pumping energy costs (5%-7 % less energy)
  • Enhanced efficiency of the heat pump due to mild temperatures (± 10% higher SCOP / SEER)

Aermec’s 3WP offer excellent advantages for installers (reduced investment) and for the user (more efficient operation) and is an attractive alternative to four-pipe hydraulic and three-pipe direct expansion systems and combines all their advantages.

Aermec’s 3WP video can be accessed  here for more details:


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