Aermec adopts BuildingConfidence scheme


Aermec UK has adopted the BuildingConfidence supply chain accreditation scheme which is managed by Achilles.

The scheme was set up to help construction firms to identify and manage their supply chain risks in a more structured manner and outlines a clear improvement process. But it is now being used by an increasing number of corporations outside the building sector.

 “BuildingConfidence provides a thorough approach to accreditation. Aermec is confident that by being part of this scheme it will help buyers and project managers to choose Aermec as a reliable partner and have confidence in our business practices which have been rigorously assessed and audited to meet the quality, environment and health and safety standards required by the construction industry,” comments Paul Lawrence, Aermec’s Managing Director.

 Launched in 2007 BuildingConfidence brings supplier pre-qualification to the construction sector and includes a comprehensive on-site audit as well as a thorough documentary review. It is recognised throughout a number of industries and helps ensure supply chains comply with recognised standards which saves time and reduces costs.

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