The Company

Aermec was founded in 1961 with an ambitious mission to provide well-being and comfort in all settings where people live and work with minimal environmental impact

That ambition is still as strong but with a greater focus on improving our ecological footprint, reducing our energy and carbon impacts, and helping our customers transition towards net zero with more sustainable solutions.

Aermec activities reach a diverse range of markets including residential retail, hotels, data centres, sport and leisure facilities, public buildings, healthcare, and numerous industrial applications. The company is now ranked among the world leaders in air conditioning technologies.

Aermec continues to focus its activities on continual research and development developing technical solutions which ensure maximum satisfaction amongst its users. Aermec’s competitive edge stems from answering the technological challenges posed by innovation, investing in processes and logistics and understanding the needs of customers and processes.

There is no air conditioning challenge which Aermec cannot solve. Our complete range of product solutions stand out in terms of quality of design, materials, and performance, capable of meeting all customer requirements within an array of specific applications. broad product offering, with over 300 ranges available, features liquid chillers, heat pumps, fan coils, air handling units, split units, VRF systems, heat recovery equipment, rooftop units and more. Every air conditioning requirement is addressed and solved in the Aermec world, whose standard and customised products total over 10,000 configurations. All underpinned by our commitment to minimising their environmental impact.

Aermec’s expertise, selection and simulation tools enable us to design system solutions backed by specific application know-how, ensuring each customer achieves an optimised solution for their needs and conditions. Aermec does more than supply products, it offers complete and integrated system solutions.

Five sales companies and over 70 international distributors offer dedicated consultancy on every continent, in Italy Aermec operates via 59 sales agencies with 78 customer service centres.

The company counts more than 650 employees, with over 130,000m2 of total factory space in Italy.

The UK headquarters and northern European hub is located in Southend with excellent road, rail, sea, and air links.

Values & Ethics

Experience, ideas and innovative solutions, the competence and flexibility to respond to the market requirements for a well-being which protects the environment, respecting the very precise values on which Giordano Riello based his mind-set since 1961, when he founded Aermec. Respecting these values, which are the ethical values of a Brand, is the key to the international success of Aermec. When designing and manufacturing its products and system solutions, Aermec places its focus on every detail in order to respect the environment, reduce pollution, save energy, safeguard health and improve well-being.

Aermec recognises the specific value of its people, and places high priority in protecting and elevating their wellbeing. Aermec’s working environment favours teamwork and the desire for personal and professional growth.

In line with its global presence, Aermec respects and values the differing cultures and habits represented by a worldwide population, whilst never forgetting its debt towards its local territory, which has offered it the support and resources in its successful growth.

Quality & Certifications

Aermec has addressed the challenge of global competition with determination, focusing on innovation in all its aspects. Not just technological innovation and advanced research but also process innovation: starting from the highly automated integrated factory all the way to the adoption of the most sophisticated logistics management techniques, in full collaboration with suppliers; from the rationalisation of delivery times to the adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems providing full traceability of products and components. All this ensures that the customer receives the quality and services that make Aermec an undisputed industry leader.

Product quality is measured by the satisfaction of customer needs and expectations and is achieved through coherent projects, optimal selection of materials and innovative production processes. The “Aermec quality” philosophy defines that the product, starting from the conception of the idea, must be the result of careful analysis based not only on the real needs and expectations of the customer but also those of the intermediaries involved (designers, installers, service engineers). This ambitious objective relies on teamwork, integration of skills and the collaborative spirit that contributes to the formation of the “Aermec family”, in which everyone works towards both the development of the final product solution and the pre and post-sales technical support services, thus contributing to a precise and strong company identity.

Aermec quality is fully certified: since 1993 by ISO 9001, the company quality certificate; and since 2013 by ISO 14001, which certifies the company’s environmental management process.

Aermec’s certifications cater for a worldwide audience, confirming the quality for which Aermec is renowned.
Below all certifications for performances and quality to which Aermec participates.



Aermec pledged its commitment towards sustainability and reduced environmental impacts from its very conception. Today this philosophy perseveres with an on-going investment in technology, a clear focus to improving human wellbeing and a mind-set which targets continuous improvement towards minimal carbon footprints.

Aermec is ISO14001 certified, applying processes within its offices and factories which favour recycling, energy conservation and waste reductions.

Product innovations within the field of heat recovery and seasonal energy efficiencies, together with system solutions aimed at minimising customer total life-cycle ambient impacts have always represented, and continue to be, a key corporate target.

Our History

Giordano Riello founds Riello Condizionatori.

Aermec inaugurates what is currently Europe’s largest test chamber, accredited to perform Eurovent and AHRI certified testing and accommodating units of up to 2MW capacity.

Aermec UK Ltd - UK Leaders in Air Conditioning Products and Services
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Aermec UK Ltd - UK Leaders in Air Conditioning Products and Services

Respect for the environment

Aermec is committed to continuous research towards the application of ecological refrigerants, integrated system solutions aimed at minimizing carbon footprints.

Aermec UK Ltd - UK Leaders in Air Conditioning Products and Services

Safeguarding health

Sophisticated air filtration technologies, including Plasmacluster purification, eliminate viruses and bacteria, offering a pure and healthy ambient.

Aermec UK Ltd - UK Leaders in Air Conditioning Products and Services

Human wellbeing

Accurate temperature control with minimal deviations improves human comfort and health. Advanced Aermec control algorithms allow overall room conditions to be optimised and coordinated.

Aermec UK Ltd - UK Leaders in Air Conditioning Products and Services


Customer expectations are met and exceeded at all times, with advanced and meticulous performance and quality testing of each single product exiting Aermec’s factories.

Aermec UK Ltd - UK Leaders in Air Conditioning Products and Services


An uncompromised approach towards creating high performance products, backed by a focus on continuous improvement, ensures that the performance levels are always exceeded.

Aermec UK Ltd - UK Leaders in Air Conditioning Products and Services

Customer Care

At Aermec achieving excellent customer satisfaction translates to listening to customer needs at all times and responding to these needs quickly and accurately.