Aermec in the finals for top industry award


Aermec reaches the finals in the H&V News awards

Aermec has been listed as a finalist in the H&V News awards under the HVAC Project of the Year (Over £0.5m) category.

The project involved developing a replacement cooling strategy for one of the country’s leading financial powerhouses that handles over one billion financial transactions every second.

Key requirements included resilience, energy efficiencies, reduced emissions and lower PUEs (Power Usage Effectiveness) and a seamless migration for their mission critical data centre.

Aermec offered a smarter more sustainable approach to cooling by using free cooling chillers, using outside air to reduce the use of mechanical cooling throughout the year.

Five highly efficient 1.366MW Aermec NSM free cooling chillers with screw compressors, using R134a refrigerant were specified to provide a robust mechanical cooling solution. The free cooling route offered a greener and more eco-responsible route that would also help boost the data centre’s green credentials. An ice chiller with no free cooling was also included in the specifications.

The criticality of the site and its exacting requirements required some modifications to the build specifications. These included electronic expansion valves replacing mechanical expansion valves and the microchannel coils replaced with copper/aluminium coils. The specifications of Aermec’s chillers include twin-headed pumps but these were changed to single run and stand-by pumps for resilience and independent refrigeration circuits were also added to the design specifications for each chiller.

The chillers were built and rigorously tested at Aermec’s advanced manufacturing facilities near Verona – the largest and most extensive in Europe – to ensure that the system performed to meet the client’s requirements and met their very stringent energy requirements.

We are very pleased to be a finalist and looking forward to a great night on April 25th!

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