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Independent Systems

Water chiller designed for air conditioning of the home. In combination with the fan coils, provides summer well-being to all the rooms in a fast, efficient and ecological way.


Refrigerant: R407C
Cooling capacity: 3,50 ÷ 6,70 kW
Heating capacity: 3,85 ÷ 7,80 kW

IDROBLOC is a device suitable for producing autonomous, summertime air conditioning plants for small/medium-size users in residential and commercial buildings.
IDROBLOC is purpose built for connection with a hot water source (built-in boiler, central heating installation, remote heating, etc.) to provide heating in the wintertime with a single distribution plant and unique fan coil type terminal units. The IDROBLOC can nonetheless be used as a normal water cooler.
IDROBLOC is made of a single unit to be installed externally, either on the wall or on the floor, complete with all the components generally used in plants of this type (pump, expansion tank, inertia storage, safety valve, plant discharge cock, mechanical filter, flow switch). The device can be connected to the boiler so as to manage the change of season, winter/summer, with a single button; two pairs of terminals are provided on IDROBLOC with which to remove boiler enablement when IDROBLOC is on, and to control On/Off valves for the subdivision of the plant into zones or to intercept the hot circuit upstream of the IDROBLOC when it is on.
The system is controlled by a microprocessor.
IDROBLOC is a water chiller unit of with limited electric absorption, which can feed with cold water a relatively large number of terminal units, allowing the user to simultaneously condition a certain number of rooms, at his discretion, with a simple restriction on the cooling power available.
It must necessarily be installed outside.

Data Sheet Idrobloc
Data Sheet Idrobloc C

  • Unit for roof-hanging or floor-standing installation with brackets supplied
  • Cooling only and heat pump version
  • Compact dimensions
  • Helical fan unit with axial delivery
  • Rotating compressor with R407C
  • Evaporator dimensioned for working with Dt = 2.5 °C
  • Antifreeze electric heater for the storage tank
  • Hydraulic circuit complete with pump, expansion tank, storage tank, water filter, flow switch and safety valve
  • Adjustment and control fully electronic with microprocessor card
  • Pre-arrangement for coupling with boiler, with immediate seasonal switching
  • Possibility of powering the fan coils of all the environments, keeping in operation only those relative to rooms that are occupied
  • Electric power used within the standard domestic availability limits
  • Extreme simplicity of installation